Monday, March 4, 2013

Best of the Rest in the West: Week Three

Each week in the "Best of the Rest in the West" rankings we take a look at the top ten western  conference teams that failed to crack the major top-25 rankings. For last week's rankings click here.

This week's write-up is a bit bare bones thanks to a busy couple of days for me, but at least we have a ranking for this week at all. The next Best/Rest/West top ten won't be until week five, as I'll been traveling next week.

As for the rankings themselves, we had quite a bit of movement throughout the top ten, with the only stagnant team being the one at the top, San Diego. Cal Poly graduates to the Top 25 (NCBWA, Coaches'), no teams "drop in", and the "high potential, low performance" teams thus far (New Mexico, Dallas Baptist, New Mexico State) once again had rough weekends and finally paid dearly for them.

1. San Diego (7-4); Previous: 1; Last Week: 4-0 vs. Coastal Carolina, Gardner-Webb, UNC Wilmington, Stony Brook
2. Gonzaga, (6-4-1): Previous: 6; Last Week: 2-0-1 vs. Arkansas, Pacific, Arizona State
3. California (5-7); Previous: 3; Last Week: 1-2 vs. Baylor, North Carolina, Houston
4. Cal State Bakersfield (8-3); Previous: 9; Last Week: 4-0 vs. Fresno State, Long Island
5. Pepperdine (7-5); Previous: 5; Last Week: 1-3 vs. Baylor, Oklahoma
6. San Diego State (6-4); Previous: 10; Last Week: 3-0 vs. Seton Hall
7. Washington State (8-3); Previous: Unranked; Last Week: 3-1 vs. Cal State Northridge
8. Nevada (8-4); Previous: Unranked; Last Week: 3-1 vs. Sacramento State, Holy Cross
9. New Mexico (2-6); Previous: 4; Last Week: 0-2 vs. Nebraska
10. UC Santa Barbara (7-4); Previous: Unranked; Last Week: 3-1 vs. UCLA, San Jose State

Graduated to Top 25: Cal Poly
Dropped In: None
Dropped Out: New Mexico State, Dallas Baptist

Up Next: Check me out on twitter for any comments on the UCLA game (David Hill is starting!), otherwise, an Arizona State series preview is due up Thursday.