Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Going Gray (with some notes on the Tallahassee Regional)

Yes, I'm alive.

There's no sense in going into detail about what's kept me away; it was the usual "real life" crap. You know, boring stuff. Unfortunately those same reasons limited my college baseball attendance to two (TWO!) games all season.... and it was a double-header... and it snowed.... at a baseball game.... what kind of fantasy world of a city am I living in?

But thankfully Dirtbag Blues is back just in time for the Summer Leagues, specifically the DC Grays' second season. The Grays served as my primary baseball surrogate last season and will have to fill that role for me again this year (for the Grays personnel that read this: I was the creepy quiet guy with the big goofy red scorebook... it's kinda my trademark).

To celebrate the return of the one team I'll actually be able to watch on a (semi) consistent basis this year, I've decided to hit the reset button on my blog and turn it into a #GraysArea (this is a thing, apparently). My old posts are still floating around and will probably make a return by next spring, but for now I'm not going to overthink this blogging stuff. Just a nice, boring template for my nice, boring content.

I'll have more on the 2013 Grays in the next few days, but for now you might catch a sneak peak of a few players who will be participating in the Regionals this weekend; specifically the Tallahassee Regional. The Florida State-hosted regional will feature three members of the Grays; Troy infielder Peyton Fuller; and Savannah State right-hander Sherman Graves and outfielder Mendez Elder. Fuller and Graves don't figure to factor into the tournament too much (though Graves could see some action if the Tigers' bullpen gets taxed early), but Elder is worth keeping an eye on. The freshman from Atlanta was a big part of the Savannah State offense this year, posting a .379 on-base percentage with 10 stolen bases.

I've got plenty to say about the 2013 Dirtbags (and the Dodgers... good God...) including some notes about next week's draft, but there will be plenty of time for that. For now, Go Grays!