Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meanwhile on Twitter...

I guess I’m late to the party, can someone tell me what the hell this cyber war involving college baseball is about? By the time UCLA had built up a 9-1 lead the most entertaining thing in the baseball world was following the #CWS hashtag on twitter.

Much of it involved Keith Law (of course) and his insisting that college coaches endlessly abuse their pitchers (well, their arms, anyway). This has caused some discussion in the past and although I may not agree with Klaw’s claims I think his objections on behalf of the players are fair. But, for the life of me, I still can’t figure out why he thinks he needs to stand up on behalf of poor old Major League Baseball. Who gives a damn what the St. Louis Cardinals think about Kurt Heyer throwing 130 pitches last night? (as mentioned on Klaw’s feed) MLB teams draft players knowing full well the risk involved when taking a guy who’s still in season and, besides, the players aren’t yet under contract. The MLB teams have no say (nor should they) on what the players does and the NCAA coaches certainly owe nothing to MLB. If MLB teams are really this upset over their draftee’s pitch counts, they should’ve changed the draft date until after Omaha.


Sorry, I’ve got twitter on the mind right now. Anyway, Law’s complaint over Heyer’s pitch count would’ve slipped through the twitter world undetected had it not been for something called a “Brian Foley” of College Baseball Daily (using the CB Daily handle).

Mark Etheridge with the comeback of the century. But it didn’t end there…

Ouch, Etheridge is on fire! But the best argument of the night came from Brent Carter who earned a “follow” from me after this comment

That was pretty much it for Pitch Count-Gate, but I'll be damned if Foley didn’t have more shit to stir throughout the day. On top of his attacking of the game he devotes a website to, he also remarked (in a tweet he has since removed) during the 11th inning of last night’s UofA/FSU game “Isn’t it past Mike Martin’s bedtime?” Always good to take one of the game’s great icons down a peg or two.

And then this little gem earlier in the day:

Omaha is overrated? To quote Bill Hicks “Jesus, what balls!”

And one final cyber meltdown:

Good Lord.

I don’t mean to pile on Brian, here…. but I think that ship has sailed so, here we go…..

Really, though, I don’t want to give the impression that Foley isn’t entitled to his opinion or that he hates college baseball, but damn near everything he posts seems to imply there’s a screw loose somewhere. I actually reached out to him a few weeks back about being a contributor to College Baseball Daily. After sending him some writing samples I got an e-mail that so eloquently inquired:

“Where u based?”

(end of message)

I told him the Washington, DC area. I never heard from him again.

I have no sour grapes, Brian. I’m pretty happy with the blog I have now and I still check our your site from time to time. So keep doing what you’re doing, although you might want to edit that ego-trip of a twitter description you have:

Editor of College Baseball Daily and contributor to Inside Lacrosse. A rising star in Sports!

 ... for all the wrong reasons, Foley.