Saturday, June 2, 2012

So I heard you like to get wet

I recorded this from my apartment window, just for you.

Let me tell you a funny story…

Last year I was living in the LA area, roughly halfway between UCLA, home of the Los Angeles Regional, and Cal State Fullerton, home of the Fullerton Regional. On the final night of the Regionals I got stuck working late, so while my heart was set on seeing UCLA take on UC Irvine, the only game I had a chance to get to in time was Stanford-Illinois in the Fullerton Final.

It, in a word, sucked.

Stanford crushed an Illinois team that had no business getting as close to the Supers as they did. The Cardinal scored early and often. By the 6th inning the game was effectively over. On top of all that, it was a very wet, rainy, and altogether uncomfortable night in the OC.

Meanwhile, up in Westwood, UC Irvine pulled off a dramatic 9th inning, walk-off win to complete an improbably Regional victory. And it wasn't raining.

Getting off work one hour late was the difference between being soaked, cold, and seeing the worse game of the year, and seeing the best game of the year from the dry, cozy confines of Jackie Robinson Stadium.

Well, God once again showed his distain for the Regionals (or maybe just me) by sending another el nino to my new home in the mid-Atlantic area, postponing the first two games of the Charlottesville Regional, in what was otherwise a great day in Regional action. While I wasn't on hand to see the start of the Virginia-hosted tournament, the tornado warnings near my apartment assured I felt it's misery.

My 2011 Fullerton shitshow story became even more apropos than I had originally thought when I decided to post this, after I learned today that work would once again screw over my baseball schedule. I had planned post posting my 1st annual “memo to MLB” piece on how baseball can improve it’s painfully contrived draft coverage on Tuesday morning, but now it appears my employer will cause me to miss what little on-air time the draft gets. Since I’m fairly certain this year’s coverage will be the same old empty-analysis, Special Olympics-esque never-ending praise of every team and every pick I’m just gonna say “screw it” and post my memo before the draft.

So this Monday morning, in between reading the ESPN,, Baseball America, and Perfect Game mock drafts; other well-written and interesting stories; and actually doing some work; stop by here to see me bitch about an awkwardly staged, yet under appreciated event.