Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Who am I? Why am I here?

I’ve always felt Dirtbag Blues was the James Stockdale of College Baseball Blogs

I figured a reference to an American War hero was an appropriate way to honor this Forth of July post. Actually, I had the Stockdale joke in mind for weeks and just got around to writing it.

For the first month of this blog’s life the posts have been a collection of critiquing the coverage of reputable sports media outlets, the MLB draft process, a random College World Series chat, a few half-hearted commentaries, days late recaps of DC Grays Cal Ripken league action, some memes I made impulsively, and a delightful recap of some college baseball twitter wars (it now appears Brian Foley has blocked me on twitter for some reason).

So the question I’m sure that’s on the minds of both of my readers is just what the hell this blog is actually going to be about. I’m now going to attempt to answer that today.

I know things, um, more things about college baseball than anyone in the world, I know some things about college baseball more than anyone, um…..

(looks at notes)

Although this blog is based in Washington, DC (as in, I live in Washington, DC) most of the content will be focused on the west coast brand of baseball, particularly action in the Big West Conference, and even more specifically, the Long Beach State Dirtbags. The Maryland Terrapins and DC Grays have been nice surrogates for me, so they’ll be sure to get their share of coverage. There are plans to integrate some regular features into the posts, such as capsules on some under the radar D1 teams, recaps on local teams (as you’ve seen whit the Grays), and updates on recruits. Most of this won’t be able to come into play until fall ball begins (or even later), so for now the posts may be a bit schizophrenic.

One thing I’ll make clear: I’m no scout, and wasn’t much of a player (I got cut from my high school team senior year) so much of my “analysis” will be second-hand. This will be made up for in some of Dirtbag Blues’s unique/specific coverage of teams, and my own cheap attempts to amuse, such as calling Keith Law an asshole or making early ‘90s pop culture references (did everyone see The Bodyguard??? So romantic… what am I typing on?)

Frankly, a large role this blog is going to play is to help keep me entertained. I’m not doing this to offer any kind of fair and balanced (trademarked) coverage, gain a wide following (although a sincere thanks to those reading this) or curry favor with any college baseball insiders. If anyone doesn’t care for the content I offer, well then, screw you. No, really, it's understandable and that’s your prerogative. Thanks again to those viewers that I have.

Just to keep myself honest, here’s some random stuff to expect in the next week or two:

  1. Coverage of the Triple-A All-Star Game in Buffalo.
  2. An update on the University of Maryland’s search for a Head Coach.
  3. (Hopefully) some more coverage on the DC Grays and Cal Ripken League.
  4. Any crap I hear about the Boise State drama.
  5. Updates on Big West/Long Beach State players in summer ball.

That’s it for now, thanks for readi….. wait….. MY TAMAGOTCHI DIED!!!


(yeah, that's 1996, so what?)