Saturday, February 16, 2013

Live Blog: Feb. 16 @ Vanderbilt

5:02 PM (ET): The defense is killing the Dirtbags once again. Michael Hill boots an easy DP ball, both runners eventually score. 3-1 Vandy through 5.

That's all for my blogging today, but you can check out my tweets later @Dirtbag_Blues.

3:52 PM (ET): Some encouraging signs so far. Shane Carle is off to a good start and has had some success with that developing changeup. Richard Prigatano drives in the first run of the day. Not with a double or homer, but a walk. If he can draw more of those this year (had 9 a year ago) he could have a big season.

Oh, and we bunted with a man on third. Didn't work. Anyway, 1-0 Dirtbags in the 3rd.

3:03 PM (ET): About ready to get started. Here's the Dirtbags' lineup....

CF Brenner
2B McNeil
3B Avila
DH Patron
RF Prigatano
1B Yamaguchi
LF Guerra
SS Hill
C Murai

A little heavy on the lefties at the top, but nice to see Brenner in there.

2:00 PM (ET): I'm testing out my auto-tweets, or whatever it's called. Did you see this post on twitter? Is that why you're here? Well I didn't even post it! #Magic

Anyway, Shane Carle makes his Dirtbag debut as LBSU tries to get off the mat versus Vandy. Hopefully it's a quick game because I may have to check out early today.