Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Live Blog: Feb. 19 vs. Arizona

12:40 AM (ET): So yeah, rain delay. I'm gonna go ahead and close up today's live blog, barring an unexpected finishing of the game. No game threat tomorrow but check the twitter feed for me talking about..... stuff. I don't know, I'm tired.

12:01 AM (ET): After finishing Sunday's win versus Vanderbilt, Eddie Magallon is in for the four-out save tonight. Besides the possible win, this game could go a long way to establishing the closer role for the Dirtbags.

10:47 PM (ET): Ugly, ugly inning for the Dirtbags but Nick Sabo is turning in the best outing of his career. High marks in K's (6), innings (5), and just one earned run so far.

Also, while Eric Hutting's got to refine his defense a little (passed ball and stolen base against so far tonight) he looks like a future star for the Dirtbags at the plate. Bunt single, two-run double. Hey Fullerton, we got the better one.

And some props need to be given to Josh Guerra for hitting a home run in Blair Field. Nicely done.

10:37 PM (ET): Defense.... WTF.

10:05 PM (ET): I present this to you just as Nick Sabo records a career-best fifth strikeout.

9:45 PM (ET): Just some random thoughts until something more noteworthy happens...

I was going to wait until Patron/Prigatano got back-to-back hits to say this, but whatever... the LBSU marketing department totally needs to run with a "Killer P's" theme. I won't claim copyright on that, LBSU, though a free hot dog or something would be nice for giving you that little chestnut.

Eric Hutting laid down a bunt, another freshman officially joins the Dirtbags.

And the Dirtbags Defense.... WTF.

9:16 PM (ET): Well, it's the same story for Sabo, who struggled during is starts against some tough competition last year. Sabo gives up a first inning run to the Wildcats, but there's some cause for optimism. 

In each of his three starts last year Sabo never registered more than 2 strikeouts (and never lasted more than four innings). In the first inning of tonight's game, alone, Nick K'd two batters in a strong Arizona lineup. Add that to the pair of K's he had versus a scary Vanderbilt lineup and Sabo has 4 K's in 3 innings so far this season.

Sabo's career high for K's thus far is 4, which he got in 2.2 innings last year against UCLA.

8:34 PM (ET): We've got lineups:

LF Scott Kingery, RH
C Riley Moore, Switch
CF Johnny Field, RH
3B Brandon Dixon, RH
2B Trent Gilbert, LH
DH Tyler Parmenter, RH
1B Sam Parris, RH
RF Joseph Maggi, LH
SS Kevin Newman RH

With the lefty Sabo pitching Maggi gets dropped way down and Parris gets the start over Ryan Koziol.

CF Colby Brenner, LH
2B Jeff McNeil, LH
3B Juan Avila, RH
DH Ino Patron, LH
RF Richard Prigatano, RH
1B Jeff Yamaguchi, LH
C Eric Hutting, RH
LF Josh Guerra, RH
SS David Hill, LH

Yikes, that's a lot of lefties hitting together. Well, I guess with with right-hander on the mound...

8:00 PM (ET): Rain is in the forecast for the Dirtbag home opener but thankfully, for now, it appears it won't start to come down until after the game. I really hope there's no double-header tomorrow because I'm going to miss the Wednesday game as it is.

It's a battle of the Nicks tonight, with Arizona's Cunningham and LBSU's Sabo on the bump tonight. Hopefully, we'll have lineups soon.